The building location is situated in Nowabpur road in Old Dhaka City, which is linked with gulistan and shakhari bazar. During the Mughal period, diplomats used to reside here, currently it is the largest market place for spare parts in Dhaka. The 6th steroid building named ShahiVabanwas built on 2004, it’s based on area of 39000 sft in total. There is numerous business stores including hotels, restaurant, banks, etc. are situated there including Victoria Park, a very ancient and historical site. The Shahivaban was build with the view to avail the commercial advantages to the people who are in the business of spare parts from the root. It has very easy communicative advantage with other link area too. By the time, with all the supportive advantages of the building, it has become a very popular building in the busiest area of Nowabpur road. The ShahiVaban purely fulfills all the satisfactions of day to day large scale business of spare parts in Nowabpur road which is very essentialfor the businessman.