AST Tower (MBL H/O, Dhaka)

The tower location is based in Dilkusha, which is the most important commercial area in Dhaka city about 70% Government and Non-Government Head Office are situated there from the very beginning of independent and near to the President Residence.Thebuilding having 9th steroid was built in 1999. Based on area about32,275 sft.The tower was built with the view to source the financial sector of the city. In need of a great deal to access commercial facilities for the people of Dhaka city, the building currently fulfill all desires for establishing a standard of business in thatcommercial hub.All kinds of support are available forrising of day to day development strategy in the city.From the very beginning this building was rented by the Marchantile Bank Ltd. And now it is very famous for the establishment of the Bank’s Head Office.